Spyder Wash

Since its creation in 2009, the SpyderWash Payment System has revolutionized the Laundry Industry. Our system allows your customers the convenience of using Coin, Credit/Debit card, Loyalty Card, RFID Contactless Credit Cards, or NFC Mobile Wallets to pay for their Laundry.

Regardless of social status, credit cards have become the standard for money management. The cost of a wash has come to the point where it’s a major inconvenience to use coin. Your customers want the option to use their credit cards for laundry just like they do for all their other “every-day” transactions. This is why we created SpyderWash, the most technologically advanced payment system in the coin laundry market. With SpyderWash, track all revenue whether coin, credit, debit or loyalty card from any internet enabled device. Utilizing the latest high level Bluetooth encryption, our PCI Compliant system ensures your data stays safe and secure. It’s wireless, easy to install and all transactions are batched at the end of the day, keeping fees to a minimum.


Accept ALL Forms of Payment

SpyderWash was developed as a hybrid system which allows you to keep your coin while adding credit/debit/loyalty card acceptance right at the machine. With our experience in manufacturing credit card systems for the past 20 years we knew it was imperative to add emerging payment technologies that were already in use in most other developed nations. These technologies consist of RFID Contactless Credit/Debit Cards and NFC Mobile Wallet Payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. These forms of payments were created to be more secure then mag stripe credit cards and help alleviate the vast amount of credit card fraud happening around the world. Please read in more detail about this subject under the “Contactless” and “NFC Mobile Payments” sections in the SpyderWash Index.


Web Based Management

The advantages of a web based system are endless. Whether you are at the laundry facility or not, you can simply log onto your account on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone and see all transactions in “real time”. Our system gives you full accountability of Credit/Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards AND COIN. This gives you full analytical tools to help you better understand the flow of your business. Our system also has the power to implement software upgrades through the web, meaning when we make an enhancement to our software, your system automatically upgrades. Please read in more detail about this subject under the “Cash Management” section in the SpyderWash Index


Certified Swipes

Laundry operators need to invest in a system that will stand the test of time. We knew it was extremely important to not only create a system with current and emerging payment technologies such as RFID and NFC, but to also create a system that can “take a beating”. Doing your laundry is not always the cleanest task, especially with soap and detergents needed at each machine. This is why it is important to invest in a system that can handle its surroundings including soap spills, and constant usage. SpyderWash incorporates the only reader in the laundry industry that is certified by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Our reader is also CE, UL, and RoHS approved. This device is FCC compliant as well.


Loyalty Card Application

Setomatic Systems recognizes that customer loyalty is vital to an owner’s success. This is why we include a FREE loyalty card application to help compliment all the other aspects of our system. Whether these cards are used as Customer Loyalty Cards, Wash-Dry-Fold Cards, Gift Cards, or Technician Cards, our loyalty card application is guaranteed to help in your success. Please read in more detail about this subject under the “Loyalty Programs” Section in the SpyderWash Index.


Completely Wireless

With SpyderWash there is no need to run any complicated, costly, unreliable hard-wired network. We utilize the latest long range Bluetooth technology. Our readers conveniently go on each washer and dryer so it’s easy for your customer to use even in unattended locations.


Modular Design

For 45 years, Setomatic Systems has built its products on a modular platform. This allows for easy replacement of individual components.

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  • § SpyderWash Mobile Smartphone App

  • § Partial or Complete Conversions

  • § Customers Can View Machine Availability- Time Countdown of Machines In Use

  • § Immediate “Real-Time” Authorization

  • § Easy Bluetooth Wireless Installation

  • § Dual Coin Acceptance

  • § Spyder Loyalty Kiosk Available For Purchasing and Reloading Loyalty Cards

  • § Complete Payment Auditing/Accountability

  • § USA Technologies-Low Rates, Best Technology

  • § Contactless Card Acceptance (RFID Chip Technology: MasterCard Paypass, Visa Paywave)

  • § NFC Mobile Wallet Acceptance (Apple Pay and Android Pay)

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