Laundromat Supplies

Eastern Laundry Systems carries a large variety of supplies to keep your laundromat fully stocked! From laundry detergents to laundry bags, we have products from the brands you and your customers trust. 



Whether you are looking for bulk and commercial laundry detergent or detergent for coin op systems, we have you covered!

Product Item # Product Description
2520N-4 Pure Brite Detergent w/ Fragrance. Four 1 Gallons jugs Per Case
2507-4 Pure Brite Detergent w/o Fragrance. Four 1 Gallons jugs Per Case
2724X-4NI Oxygen Destainer Four 1 Gallons jugs Per Case
2545X-4NI Brite White Bleach Four 1 Gallons jugs Per Case
2541T-4 So Soft Fabric Softener Four 1 Gallons jugs Per Case
PG160 Tide Powder Vended Box, 156 per case
PG180 Bounce Vended Dryer Sheets, 156 per case
PG110 Downy Vended Box, 156 per case
VR351 All Vended Box, 100 per case
VP100 Clorox Bleach Handipak Vended, 54 per case
VP300 Clorox2 Bleach for Colors Vended Box, 154 per case

Bags & Paper Goods

Having a clean environment is a vital component to keeping garments fresh. Our laundromat supplies include trash bags, paper towels and more!  

Product Item # Product Description
VR75 Plastic, drawstring laundry bag 126 per case
AD-A1286 Jumbo Roll Nat Paper Towel
AD-AR2000 Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue
AR404816 Trash Bags 40x48
982030100 WD&F Bags Size Small - MOD286038
983036100 WD&F Bags Size Medium - MOD330650
983339140 WD&F Bags Size Large - MOD286972

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