Fire Coil 85


  • Combines the reliability of the Fire Coil with the efficiency, flexibility, safety, an envoirmental responsibility of a sealed-combustion Low-Nox Heater
  • Sizes now range from 199,900 to 2,000,000 BTU’s
  • 85% efficiency is heigher then standard copper-tube waters.
  • Install all models indoor or outdoor
  • Low-NOx: Less then 10ppm on model 500-2000, less then 30ppm on model 200-400
  • Flexible venting: vent through roof with B-vent or through sid wall using AL29-4C stainless steel vent
  • Draw combustion air dected from outside or from air inside room
  • First year pars and 30 days labor warranty
  • 5 year full waranty on heat exchanger; 6th through 10th years pro-rated.
  • Copper heat exchanger with external geskets is standard. Cupro-nickel heat exchange is optional
  • Water heater model 200-400 come with mounted circulator standard. Water heater models 500-2000 packaged with floor mounted stainless steel circulators. All water heats packaged with NATCO glass lined storage tanks.

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