Changing Demands in Coin Op Laundromats

The typical coin operated laundromat is not properly equipped to compete in today’s market. The average coin laundromat was built and equipped more than 15 years ago, this means that aside from the equipment being worn and less efficient, the products offered to the existing customer base are not sufficient to be competitive.

So what is the best package to offer customers to be successful now?  Well it starts with reliable equipment manufactured by Dexter. My competitors would like me to describe in detail what the next steps are but I would rather keep that a secret, that I share only with my customers. So if you would like to know how to build a profitable business that is designed for today’s coin operated laundry market, to minimize cost, while offering the right product to grow your business, contact Eastern Laundry Systems.

Although the competition tries to duplicate Eastern Laundry Systems expertise in the industry, there is nothing that can compare to the original. Call us today and we will share with you the right formula for success in the commercial and coin operated laundry business. 508-828-WASH (9274) 

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