The Laundromat Makeover Package is Here!

Eastern Laundry System now offers a Laundromat Makeover Package. If you have purchased an existing laundromat or own a laundromat that needs updating, our Laundromat Makeover Package is the perfect solution to refreshing your business. Call Eastern Laundry Systems today to meet with one of our experts.

What will Eastern Laundry Systems do for you?

We will assess your laundromat and offer a makeover package that will refresh your business while improving its appearance, operation, and customer satisfaction. We start with a detailed survey of the laundromat operation, equipment, competitive posture, and customer profile. From there we offer insightful options on how to improve the business and bring new life into the business. We work towards helping your laundromat reach higher profitability. 

Why choose a laundromat makeover?

Frequently new investors enter into the coin laundry business by acquiring an existing store. While existing stores offer the new investor some comfort with states revenues and expenses, they still offer big challenges to overcome. These challenges tend to be appearance, perception of former customers, operational issues, aging equipment and in general a tired business that’s in need of a recharge.

Many investors purchase these existing locations with the best of intentions, often they presume they can revive the business with a coat of paint and a fresh outlook.  While new paint and a new owner can bring a surge of energy to a business, this all too often tapers off after the first few months.

What’s really needed to improve sales with an existing laundromat is a complete makeover and our Laundromat Makeover Package is an affordable and cost effective solution for all of your challenges!

Below is a partial list of the menu items available through our makeover package:

  • Attendant counter area
  • Carpentry
  • Security system
  • Flooring
  • Signage
  •  Equipment refresh  / Equipment sales
  • Equipment repair
  • Laundry carts
  • Folding tables
  • Change machines
  • Painting
  • Eastern Laundry Systems Laundromat Automation
  • POS System
  • Marketing Package
  • Management System

The above a’la carte options are available along with many others at Eastern laundry Systems.

Interested in our Laundromat Makeover Package for your laundromat? Call 508-828-WASH (9274) to schedule an appointment with our experts.

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